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At Livingreen Design we have been at the forefront of designing and producing planters for the professional landscape market for over 30 years. With all our products manufactured in Midlothian we manage to maintain our local community company identity while also being the largest general moulder in Scotland. We have a team of highly experienced horticulturists and product designers, who combine to engineer planters perfect for their use and location. Architects and designers value our CAD facilities which enable us to work with them on the design of bespoke projects, many of which we work on from inception to completion. Our beautifully put together brochures have helped us expand our marketplace to become a leading planter supplier in Europe and further afield with a network of Agents supplying our products daily to countries all over the world.


Our material of choice is Advanced Composite, our own formulation of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which incorporates other materials for additional strength and finishing possibilities. Composites are now the high tech of advanced product design and are seen in aircraft and sports car production where they are valued for the same reasons we choose these materials for our planter ranges – a unique combination of lightweight construction and strength with unrivalled flexibility allowing adventurous design and unlimited finishing possibilities, all at minimal price.


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As our company has expanded, as have our finishing capabilities. Using our sophisticated paint mixing machinery and our highly skilled painting staff, we are able to produce almost any shade of colour and apply it to the product in a variety of different textures. On top of that, we are able to produce natural finishes giving the appearance of aged lead, terracotta and many more. We are particularly proud of our ability to finish several products in a leaf coating. Leaf finishes include Gold, Silver and Rose among many others.


As well as planters we increasingly manufacture cross over green lifestyle products including planter furniture such as our fabulous new Greenwalls and Artificial Plants. One of our most impressive use of artificial plants is in our Feature Wall range. Have a look at the Feature Wall section of our range to discover this!


Joining our own products we are proud to be associated with a selection of other key products of interest to our customers. These include metal and wood planters, again made locally in the UK plus ‘Greenscreen’, the only practical solution to the problem of finding a top rated acoustic barrier screen system that also meets the requirements of planners in environmentally sensitive locations. Greenscreen is very well established throughout Europe and is only available from Livingreen Design in the UK.


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