With Clean Team, we applied our experience to make sure adding hand sanitisers, glove, mask and tissue dispensers to keep staff, customers and loved ones safe, does not mean filling buildings with ugly poorly conceived washroom style units. Rather it’s an opportunity to improve the appearance of any public area with professionally designed functional products that bring nature indoors, with all the positive mental health benefits this brings.
Unique Clean Team Hand Sanitiser Made to WHO standards


Marie Hand Sanitiser Station

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Each Clean Team sanitiser dispensing unit will be supplied prefilled with sanitiser, up to 10 litres, for the POMBOT design. With our factory in Edinburgh, the gateway to whisky country, our unique 80% plus alcohol sanitising hand rub is crafted in the same distilleries that supply the world with its favourite spirit and shares the same principles of quality first and foremost. So effective and cost effective is the Clean Team sanitiser that we are sure you will want to use our re-supply programme to ensure all users are always offered maximum protection . However you can refill with other sanitiser products if required.


Hand Sanitiser Stations UK

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Key benefits

  • Hand made in the UK
    No waiting months from Asia for essential units that may never arrive or not be fit for purpose. Order the Clean Team range to support UK manufacturing, jobs and the economy, while getting a top quality hand crafted product.
  • Superb Environmental Credentials
    All the units featured here are predominantly from hand laid Fibreglass, now recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly ‘lifetime’ materials money can buy.  With the added advantage of local manufacturing you cannot get a lower carbon footprint. Consult www.livingreendesign.com for additional information.
  • Featuring antimicrobial Copper for its natural antiviral and antibacterial properties
    Copper and its alloys, have been known for their ability to actively kill virus and bacteria since ancient times. Surfaces coated in copper become naturally sterile within hours of contamination making it the material of choice wherever control of infection spread is essential. All Clean Team products feature copper coated panels as standard in areas of the units likely to be frequently touched for the ultimate in safe design. This is possible thanks to our own unique formulation of liquid metal coating which forms a film on the surface of the fibreglass that looks and behaves exactly as would a solid metal plate. To function properly these need to be raw metal, so they will tarnish and need occasional polishing up – or we can permanently seal with laquer, but with greatly reduced antiviral effect.
  • Biophilic Design
    Biophilic design is the concept used by architects and designers to increase people’s connectivity to the natural environment by incorporating nature, either directly or indirectly into buildings and their surrounds. The benefits are proven and multifold, including increased productivity, higher consumer spend in retail areas and less absenteeism thanks to improvements in mental health. Clean Team units are designed for plants and all include ultra realistic replica plants as standard. Where humans cannot distinguish between real and replica plants, the benefits of biophilic design remain the same, while replica plants pose none of the maintenance issues or costs of their living counterparts. However all units can be supplied empty for the customer to plant if required.

Each of the dispenser ranges includes either complimentary bins, or a bin function included. For smaller spaces, or the home, we have added a range of wall panels with built in dispensers and shelves which can be combined with moss or replica greenwall panels for a beautiful display

To aid with social distancing we have included our mobile Freewall concept of room dividers which can feature greenwall panels on one or both sides. We will be adding to this range in the near future so make sure you sign up for our newsletter.

Rounding off the range are our  ‘Away’ range of functional planter products that compliment the ideals of the rest of the Clean Team range. These include Ashtrays, Recyling bins and Rat control units.

Download Brochure BUY ONLINE

We are dedicated to our ethos of outstanding customer service, so please, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us on 0131 440 9804.

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